Me in the World:
An Art Therapy Group for Teens About to Launch

Growing up and getting ready to leave home is an exciting phase of life, but it also presents us with several challenges. A particularly difficult challenge for many is the development of a strong personal identity within this large world. This group is for older teens wishing to explore their personal identity in the context of our society through art-making and social bonding. We will use art materials to explore aspects of self, and to present this self in a safe space with other teenagers going through similar experiences.

Is your older teen:

- finding it a challenge to develop his/her personal identity within our society and world?
- struggling to develop a true sense of self?
- lacking self-esteem and confidence?
- preparing to leave home and start his/her next adventure in life?
- feeling hesitant or anxious about knowing his/her place outside of your family system?

Benefits include:

- connection with teens going through similar experiences
- an opportunity to explore and express his/her true self
- creatively examining his/her relationship to the world
- increased confidence in leaving home & knowing his/her place in the world
- claiming, owning, & celebrating unique selves!

This group is ideal for: teens between the ages of 16-18 wishing to connect with others, explore their sense of self, and examine their relationship to the world. 

What does this group involve? Making artwork, talking to other teens, & celebrating your unique self with other people wishing to do the same and under the direction of Licensed Art Therapist Christina Marrero.

Location: The Center for Family Empowerment 602 Willow Street Jenkintown PA 19046

Days/Time: This group is a closed group and will run for 6 consecutive weeks. Day/Time to be announced soon!

Fee: $35/week

Space is limited to 7 group members. Fill in the form below to jump on our waitlist and be the first to know when enrollment is open for this awesome group!