Managing School Stress & Anxiety: The First Key to Success

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The school year is quickly approaching and many emotions may be coming up for your child ranging from excitement to anxiety. Your teen may be comparing their schedules with friends and looking for classmates to share lunch with in hopes they don’t have to sit alone. Or they may be realizing that the 3 AP classes they signed up for will be a lot of work and feel nervous for their course load.

📌How do you help your teen stay calm in the face of stress during the school year??

🔐Here's the first key to success:

Plan Ahead! Spend time together with your child on Sunday or Monday evening looking at their calendar and mapping out when they will have time to work on assignments for school as well as fit in extra curricular activities. This is a good practice to adopt as a family to help create a more calm atmosphere as well as give a feeling of control over the week and their schedule.

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