Temper Tantrums: The First Key to Sucess

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Did you know that kids and teens temper tantrum? The issues over which these occur will differ, but the behavior - and the point of the behavior - are the same!

Tantrum Tip #1: Stay Calm

Staying calm. It's hard to do when your child or teen is having an outburst! It's easy to become just as frustrated as they are. One minute things are fine and the next, it's World War III 💥💣

Let me let you on a little tip. When your child or teen is having an outburst, what they're asking for from you is, "Can you help me take control of these emotions?"

Staying calm keeps a situation calm. It keeps things from escalating to the point of arguments. It sends your child the message that says, "Look, I can be in World War III and still be calm."

Easier said than done, right?

⚡️How do you REALLY stay calm in the super market when your child is rolling around?

⚡️How do you REALLY stay present for your teen when they won't give up their cell phone after not doing chores?

With the proper tools, it's totally possible!

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