What is Art Therapy & How Can it Help My Child or Teen?

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What is Art Therapy?

Art therapy is the use of art materials and art-making to provide a healing experience. it is a mental health practice facilitated by a trained, professional art therapist. The experience of art therapy is individualized to meet each person's unique needs.

Who Can Benefit?

At the Center for Family Empowerment, we offer art therapy to children ages 8-18 and their families. Art therapy is offered in both individual and group formats.
*no artistic talent is necessary!*

Why Choose Art Therapy? Benefits Include:

  • improved ability to express and regulate emotions
  • feelings of accomplishment and success
  • increased attention
  • relief of stress and increased relaxation
  • better understanding of self
  • improved interpersonal relationships
  • increased imagination!

When Might My Child Need Art Therapy? If your child:

  • struggles to express feelings and thoughts
  • often has depressed or anxious mood
  • has recently experienced a trauma or otherwise difficult experience
  • struggles to connect with others (e.g. peers or family members)

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