Blog Roundup: Walking on Eggshells

By Amy Marlow-MaCoy

The holidays can be a hard time for a lot of people struggling with difficult (and narcissistic) families. Read these blog posts, guides, and tips to prepare for the next family gathering.


20 Questions to Help You Find Clarity

When it comes to your family, yourself, your children, your parents, your partner, and your work – do you find yourself asking something along the lines of “Which way do I go?”

Do you ask yourself the same questions over and over again, feeling stumped and frustrated that you can’t seem to get past this point? Ever wonder if there’s something wrong with you because you just can’t make the call and pick a path?

Maybe it’s not so much that you can’t pick the path. Maybe you just need some help finding better questions. Finding the right question, it seems, is key to moving forward.

Let’s take a look at some clarifying questions that can help you better understand what you’re struggling with - and maybe point the way to a new direction to explore!

When You’re Too Much and Not Enough (At the Same Time)

Did you know it's possible to feel like you are not enough AND too much - all at the same time?

Too sensitive, too touchy, too emotional...and not important enough, not successful enough, not good enough. Sound familiar?

Read on about the phenomenon of being too much and not enough at the same time - and how to let go of those conflicting self-beliefs


Why You Still Feel Small Around Your Emotionally Abusive Family

We often associate the holidays with connection, family, and love, but not all families work like this. If your holidays are joyous times spent in celebration with loved ones, that is wonderful! If your holidays are more like torture sessions punctuated by a lot of food, then this blog post below may help you out.

10 Questions to Help You Get Unstuck

Do you feel stuck and struggle to create change in your life, no matter how much you desire it?

Take a look at Amy’s guide to help you explore where you feel stuck, where you desire change, and where you feel ambivalent toward anything that shakes up the status quo.


The Highly Sensitive Person in a Narcissistic Home

Have you ever cried while listening to a moving piece of music? Ever looked at an interesting piece of art and found yourself getting goosebumps? Or do you sometimes just know that someone is upset just by standing near them, without them needing to say a word? If this sounds familiar, you might be a Highly Sensitive Person.

In many ways, HSPs are a narcissist’s dream, and being highly sensitive in a toxic environment can leave deep wounds. Fortunately, even the most highly sensitive of HSPs can learn to gently place boundaries and practice self-care.

If you are a Highly Sensitive Person who struggles to separate your feelings from others, feels deeply selfish for tending to your own needs, or feels overwhelmed by the needs of others, take heart. Your sensitivity is not a curse, and it can be a wonderful gift. You can’t turn it off, but you can learn to care for and nurture yourself, just as you do those around you.

It Didn’t Start With You: Tracing the Roots of Narcissistic Abuse

This blog post focuses on how trauma can haunt multiple generations of a family, creating the perfect recipe for a narcissist. The good news? You don't have to continue the trend. Every day brings the opportunity to choose differently.

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(Un)Tangled: 5 Traits of Adult Children of Narcissists

This blog post focuses on the traits of narcissism displayed by Mother Gothel in Disney's Tangled. Read about 5 signs you might have been raised by a narcissist, as demonstrated by Rapunzel!

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