April is Sexual Assault Awareness and Prevention Month


1 in 6 women and 1 in 33 men will be survivors of an assault (rainn.org)

Over 30,000 people shared their experiences with assault or

harassment in one day using #MeToo on Twitter (time.com)

Stories of sexual assault and sexual violence have received extraordinary media attention during the past year with various social movements placing a spotlight on this issue.

This time of year can be both exciting and trying for survivors of assault and abuse. Increased media exposure can result in unintentional triggering of survivors' symptoms. Additionally, survivors may feel pressured to share stories or participate in movements. Sometimes these are opportunities for healing; other times they may feel unsafe.

Our art therapist, Christina Marrero, seeks to support children and teens who have been affected by trauma both through in-office therapeutic intervention and community engagement. For April, a handout which briefly discusses sexual assault and ways to be empowered will be available in our 1st floor waiting room.

Also present in the waiting room will be a locked, unlabeled, decorated box with an opening on the top. This box is available for survivors (children, teens and parents) who need a safe, private place to put emotions, thoughts, concerns, etc related to assault or other difficult experiences. There will be a Post-It pad next to the box. Anything placed in this box will remain private, and will be securely removed at the end of the month. This space for expression will be available from 4/7- 5/1.

We hope that you have a safe, and empowering, month.