Does Your Teen Use Anger to Cope?


Anger and aggression is helpful for your teen to deal with overwhelming emotions, although in an unhealthy way. This can take a toll in multiple aspects of your teen’s life (i.e. family, friendships, and school) and make it difficult to know where to turn. Do you see these signs in your teen?

  • Experiencing anger that escalates quickly and easily

  • Holding on to anger for a long time, even after the event has passed

  • Lashing out at others or destroying property

  • Experiencing physical symptoms in response to anger, including tense muscles, a rapid heart rate, and warmth in the face

  • Often utilizing cursing/swearing

If you’re seeing this behavior in your teen, Sarah can help! Sarah specializes in working with teens, (and their parents) struggling with depression, anxiety, and anger/aggression. She helps teens find their voice and understand how to identify their own emotions.