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Brave Boys

for boys ages 5-7 & 8-11

From the moment boys are born they hear messages like:

‘Toughen up, son.’

‘Boys don’t cry.’

‘Stop being so sensitive.’

But the truth is:
your little boy is just as sensitive as your little girl.


Shaming boys for their emotions is denying them a part of their humanity: their feelings.  When we do this, boys are left feeling emotionally stunted between two feelings of anger and shame.  These messages are damaging to their core sense of self-worth because what these messages say is: it’s not okay to be you.

In fact, it actually makes them more aggressive, angry and frustrated!

We want to live in a society where we raise boys to know that being a man means being human and being human means being in touch with your emotions.

In this group, you will give your son the space to:

  • Master the art of 'being brave'

  • Appreciate gender uniqueness

  • Learn he can be both 'tough' AND tender

  • Increase connection and empathy for others

  • Identify and explore his emotions

  • Build coping skills to have a strong sense of self

  • Increase self acceptance and self esteem

  • Decrease angry outbursts and aggression

Facilitated by: Kellie Cathey, LSW
When? Every Saturday from 10-10:55 am
Where? The Center for Family Empowerment 602 Willow Street Jenkintown
Investment? $40/week OR $155/month *you might be eligible for partial reimbursement from your insurance company. Please inquire with your insurance to find out.

*looking for support for your daughter? Check out Strong Girls and Girls Empowered

Interested in brave boys group? Contact us to jump on the waiting list and get more information!

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