Helping highly sensitive and creative people come home to themselves

Teaching Mindfulness Meditation to ease anxiety and the stress of living



  • $150 for 50 minute sessions


  • It is your responsibility to see what your Out of Network Benefits are and at what percentage you will be reimbursed.

Hi, I’m Cat. You've probably been to a therapist before, and it hasn't quite felt right. Or maybe you liked them, but felt disconnected from their approach. Felt that there was a way to work more deeply with your emotions, but your therapist wanted to talk about your thoughts, and give you homework. Felt really bogged down in the details, and the negative, of what's been going on in your life. Haven't really laughed.

In our work together, we will privilege the positive. We will laugh. (And likely cry, too.) We'll develop a relationship that will "undo the aloneness" that we feel when our emotions are held within for waaaay too long. Therapy is specifically tailored to the person who is sitting in front of me, and will look different for everyone. Above everything, you will be heard and seen.

a little about my background

  • I specialize in working with:

    • people experiencing anxiety and/or panic attacks

    • performers and creatives

    • Highly Sensitive People (HSP)

    • older teens in transition (16-25)

    • teaching mindfulness meditation to ease the stress of living.

  • Please visit me at to learn more about my work.