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Anxiety in children can present in many ways. It might be stomach aches, or “I don’t feel well,” or sobbing before school in the morning, or melting down before a birthday party, or refusing to use a public bathroom, or crumbling at the thought of a spelling test on Friday. The list goes on. These situations can be challenging for parents, because come on, can you please just put your shoes on?! But if we can reframe these struggles as difficulty managing anxiety, and NOT as “my kid just doesn’t listen,” we can come from a truly empowering place. Your child can be anxious about things AND learn how to manage it in a way that works for them; in a way that allows them to feel empowered and strong instead of scared and weak.

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Meet Kellie Cathey, LSW

Anxiety in children often results from them feeling disconnected from themselves and others.  Even though it seems simple for children to feel loved, sometimes children love and connect in different ways that feel unique to who they are.  If a child doesn't feel that unique love, they often times feel anxious about not being good enough.

In our work together, we discover how your child loves.  When working with your child in play therapy,  we build a bond with one another, which allows me to understand how your child loves and connects to you.  In our work as a family, I help you understand the ways in which your child loves and how they need that love from you.  As a family, we create a deeper, more meaningful connection that allows for deeper healing for the whole family.

In addition to individual therapy, my practice offers group therapy to give your child the space to discover other children who love and connect like them.  In my group Full of Emotion, preschool- aged children are given the space to connect with other kids through play and creative expression.  In my groups for girls, Strong Girls and Girls Empowered, girls ages 5-12 are give the space to connect with other girls and build skills for self-esteem, assertiveness and empowerment. 


I am a therapist and licensed social worker. I specialize in working with children and teens that are struggling to feel confident in their own skin and have trouble fitting in with peers. I have a passion for working with children and teens that are socially isolated, shy, and have low self-esteem. Empowering them to shine as the amazing person they are is a central part of the work we will do together.


Strong Kids Group
Ages 5-6

This group provides a space for kids to build confidence, deal with big emotions, and learn social skills to help them connect.

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Mindfulness for Stressed Kids Group
Ages 7-10

Mindfulness has an ever last long list of benefits for kids (and us too!). In a busy world, mindfulness gives the space to let kids (and us) just be in a world full of fast pace movement, technology and doing. This group benefits kids who feel anxious, have difficulty regulating emotions, struggle with paying attention, and more.


Strong Girls Groups
Ages 5-6 & 7-9

This group supports girls as they both discover their authentic selves and develop the skills, confidence, and courage to navigate their world from a place of self-respect and strength. Let's give these girls the skills they need to master adolescence before their self-esteem starts dropping.


Girls Empowered Groups
Ages 10-12, 13-15, 15-18

The Girls Empowered Groups consists of weekly sessions to give your daughter the skills she needs to thrive as a strong and empowered female. These sessions are designed to support tween and teen girls with challenges around self-esteem, assertiveness, depression, anxiety, peer and family conflict, and more.