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Children can experience a very wide range of really big emotions. One minute he’s laughing hysterically, the next crying and screaming uncontrollably. As a parent, this can be frustrating, challenging, and even scary at times. Kids feel things so intensely, and don’t yet have the skills to understand and manage all of these emotions. Often times your child might present as angry, but they don’t realize that there’s usually many other emotions under it. That anger is the easiest and safest to show - and it’s what they know - but your child will feel empowered once they are able to recognize various emotions, where they feel them in their body, and how to manage them when they do show up. 

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Meet Kellie Cathey, LSW

Every child has big emotions.  And then there are some children who have BIG emotions.  They are the future actresses and artists and public speakers because their expression of life (and emotions) is SO big, well, how could they not be an entertainer?  And even though they are our future entertainers, most times these children struggle in early development because their emotions are so big, they are taken over by them.

Giving these children a space to play and express themselves in early childhood sets them up for future success to channel their emotions in a healthy and productive way.  In my practice, I work with your high emotion child to help them channel their emotions through play and creative expression, allowing them naturally to regulate through play and creation.  In our work as a family, I help to support you in discovering what your high emotion child needs from you and how you can give it to them.

In my practice, I offer individual play therapy for children ages 3-12.  In my therapy group Full of Emotion, pre-school aged children learn skills for social connection and emotional regulation through pretend play and creative expression.   Both services give your child the space to play creatively, discover themselves, and channel their inner entertainer for years of success to come.


Strong Kids Group
Ages 5-6

This group provides a space for kids to build confidence, deal with big emotions, and learn social skills to help them connect.

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Mindfulness for Stressed Kids Group
Ages 7-10

Mindfulness has an ever last long list of benefits for kids (and us too!). In a busy world, mindfulness gives the space to let kids (and us) just be in a world full of fast pace movement, technology and doing. This group benefits kids who feel anxious, have difficulty regulating emotions, struggle with paying attention, and more.


Full of Emotion Group

Kellie's Full of Emotion Group gives your preschooler the tools they need to regulate, communicate and cope with emotions.

PlayFULL of Emotion Group

Toddlers begin developing their core sense of self-esteem and emotional regulate by age 3. 

In PlayFULL of Emotion, play therapist Kellie Cathey wants to give your toddler the space to master these skills in a healthy, productive way.