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Your strong-willed, sensitive child may inherently just 'struggle' more than other children.  Loud noises may always startle them. They will always feel life deeply.  They truly will never just 'toughen up'.

When they learn to manage their emotions and take care of themselves deeply, they will discover...  sensitivity is their greatest strength.”


Meet Josie McCall, LSW

I am a therapist and licensed social worker. I specialize in working with children and teens that are struggling to feel confident in their own skin and have trouble fitting in with peers. I have a passion for working with children and teens that are socially isolated, shy, and have low self-esteem. Empowering them to shine as the amazing person they are is a central part of the work we will do together.


Strong Kids Group
Ages 5-6

This group provides a space for kids to build confidence, deal with big emotions, and learn social skills to help them connect.