DBT Skill Building Group

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DBT Skills for Teens

Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) is an evidence-based therapeutic modality that has been proven effective in managing intense emotions, reducing self-harming behaviors, and improving communication and relationships. This group will focus on building the skills in each of the four modules of DBT: core mindfulness, interpersonal effectiveness, emotion regulation, and distress tolerance. To read more about DBT, click here. To determine if DBT is a good fit for your teen, take a look at our checklist here.

DBT Group therapy for teens in Jenkintown, PA

is a weekly DBT-informed group for teens who:

  • Have difficulty managing intense or extreme emotions

  • Struggle with anxiety and/or depression

  • Have a hard time identifying and/or sharing feelings

  • Engage in self-harm or self-destructive behaviors

  • Make impulsive decisions or react impulsively

  • Struggle with conflict at home or at school

DBT Support Groups can Address anxiety, depression, compulsiveness, self harm and more

  • Appropriately manage intense emotions

  • Learn how to handle symptoms of anxiety and depression

  • Abstain from self-harm or self-destructive behaviors

  • Reduce impulsivity and reactivity

  • Communicate effectively to improve relationships and create effective assertiveness

*Parents will receive weekly updates and information to assist in continuing skill building at home.

When? Enrolling at locations in both Jenkintown and Conshohocken. Please contact for details.

Cost? $50/week.  *You may be eligible for out of network benefits - please call your insurance company to inquire.

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*For more information on DBT and to see if it's a good fit for your teen, please click here.

The Center for Family Empowerment offers DBT group therapy for teens in Jenkintown, PA. We also serve Abington, Cheltenham, Glenside, Elkins Park, Wyncote and other nearby areas.