{FREE} Parent Guide!

Looking for simple, concrete, and fast tips for learning more effective ways of supporting your tween or teen? 

In this guide, you will learn:

  • ways to manage both your big emotions and your teen's
  • how to parent in a way that keeps everyone more calm
  • how to parent effectively in a crisis or difficult situation
  • tips for mindful parenting, which helps with:
    • being more in control and less reactive, especially when dealing with your teen
    • decreasing intense emotions
    • making effective and planned decisions
      effective and planned decisions
    • feeling less overwhelmed
    • increasing positive time with your teen
    • decreasing judgments to allow increased patience and acceptance for things out of your control
  • how to prioritize and build a solid relationship with your teen that encourages better connection and communication
  • ways to balance giving your teen both limits AND freedom 
  • ways to communicate effectively and assertively

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