Full of Emotion Group
for preschoolers

A Play group created for your preschooler to learn the tools they need for emotional and social development.


Oftentimes, parents underestimate just how COMPLEX their child's inner emotional world is. Instead of considering how your little ones feel inside, you may think you have to punish, set consequences or take things away in order for your child to behave. 

But the truth is: Children behave 'good' when they feel good.

And in order to feel good, little ones need tools to:

  • Communicate to you without tantruming
  • Regulate their emotions without lashing out at you
  • Understand how to conquer their fears with bravery
  • FINALLY give a name to their disappointment (because disappointment is SO devastating).

Full of Emotion is where we learn them. Your preschooler will learn all the tools they need to be a well-rounded, happy little human.

Benefits include:

  • Happy and calmer children
  • Less tantrums
  • Less separation anxiety
  • Less social anxiety
  • More communicating
  • Less sibling fighting
  • Building social skills with other children
  • Creating genuine connections
  • Building self-esteem
  • Learning to live authentically
  • Better understanding and coping with ALL emotions

Here is exactly what they'll learn

Identifying emotions

By age 2, your little one has the full capacity for human emotions. Your child's ability to connect their emotions to their life experiences is crucial for their emotional health.

Regulating emotions

Little ones begin regulating their emotions in the first moments they begin to cry. Your little one will learn how to increase frustration tolerance and self-sooth their emotions, which are key for children to thrive independently!

Communicating emotions

By age 3, little ones have the full capacity for human language. Your little one will learn the ability to label and give language to their emotions  allow them to tell you how they feel and what they need.

Understanding emotions

Emotions communicate things about our life experiences. Anger means your were treated unfairly. Fear means you are in danger.  Your little one will learn to understand what emotions means and where they are felt in our bodies.

Creating from emotions

Creating from our emotions allows us to express ourselves in ways that feed the beauty of life. Your little one will learn to use their emotions to create and contribute to beauty!

Playing from emotions

Preschool age is the age of pretend play!  While your little one plays in pretend, they will learn how to communicate and express emotions in a way that feels fun, carefree and a natural part of their nature.

Ready to register?

Choose the best financial option for you.

  • Pay $40 per session for the first month
  • Pay $150 per month after the first month

*To ensure your little one's enrollment, payment for the first session is required and non-refundable. Payments can be made via cash, check or credit card in person or by registering online.