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At The Center for Family Empowerment, we believe in the power of connection.

Research says that connecting to others can improve self-esteem and decrease feelings of anxiety and depression.


Teen Girls Empowered Groups

Ages 13-15, 15-18

The Teen Girls Empowered Groups consists of weekly sessions to give your daughter the skills she needs to thrive as a strong and empowered female. These sessions are designed to support tween and teen girls with challenges around self-esteem, assertiveness, depression, anxiety, peer and family conflict, and more.

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DBT Skills Training Group

Teens ages 13-18

Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) is an evidence-based therapeutic modality that has been proven effective in managing intense emotions, reducing self-harming behaviors, and improving communication and relationships. This group will focus on building the skills in each of the four modules of DBT: core mindfulness, interpersonal effectiveness, emotion regulation, and distress tolerance. To read more about DBT, click here. To determine if DBT is a good fit for your teen, take a look at our checklist here.


Managing School Stress & Anxiety


Does your teen struggle with managing stress related to school? Do they feel overwhelmed with trying to balance school, sports, activities, and a social life? Are they struggling to stay motivated and organized now that it's the 2nd half of the school year? If this sounds like your teen, this group will help give your teen the tools necessary to cope with stress, organize their lives, and succeed in school.


Teen LGBTQIA Support

A safe and affirming environment focusing on connection and support.

Our world is experiencing a tough climate right now, and it's our mission at CFE to provide support and connection to everyone - regardless of gender, religion, race, or sexual identity. We have listened to feedback stating that teens who identify with the LGBTQIA community do not have a surplus of safe spaces. We'd like to change that.


Boys Simply Social

Boys ages 11-14

Is your son struggling with self-control, regulating emotions, problem solving, empathy, having physical boundaries, or understanding perspectives other than his own? Does he know how to find healthy ways to cope with strong emotions or big changes? Is he having trouble with communicating or building long lasting relationships? If this sounds like your son, Simply Social could be a great support.


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