Teen LGBTQIA Support

A safe and affirming environment focusing on connection and support

Our world is experiencing a tough climate right now, and it's our mission at CFE to provide support and connection to everyone - regardless of gender, religion, race, or sexual identity. We have listened to feedback stating that teens who identify with the LGBTQIA community do not have a surplus of safe spaces. We'd like to change that. Our office will be providing a weekly safe space for connection and support (day/time TBD), free of charge. These groups will be drop-in groups where teens can come as they need or want and our team of trained therapists will rotate facilitating them. All identities within the LGBTQIA spectrum are welcome!

We see you. We value you. We're here for you.

If you have a teen or know of a teen who could use this support, please contact us below.
Updates including day/time of group are coming!

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