Mindfulness for Stressed Kids Group
for children ages 7-10

Mindfulness has an ever last long list of benefits for kids (and us too!). In a busy world, mindfulness gives the space to let kids (and us) just be in a world full of fast pace movement, technology and doing

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Mindfulness for Stressed Kids benefits kids who:

  • Feel anxious or unsettled often

  • Struggle with paying attention and focusing

  • Are very reactive when feel strong emotions

  • Find difficulty in regulating emotions 

  • Have trouble feeling empathy for others

  • Feel "bad" about themselves or struggle with self esteem

  • Struggle practicing forgiveness with other

How does my child benefit?

As a parent, you will see...

  • Decreases in worry, stress and anxiety

  • Increase in focus and attention

  • Developing a moment of pause before reacting

  • Decreases in behavioral concerns

  • Better choices being made

  • More empathy and understanding of others 

  • Feelings of confidence in regulating emotions

  • More fluid communication of needs

  • Overall increase in well-being

When: Tuesday evenings 6:00pm-6:50pm 

Where: The Center for Family Empowerment at 602 Willow Street, Jenkintown, PA 19046

Cost: $155 per month*

*Mindfulness for Stressed Kids is not an official therapy group, therefore Out of Network Benefits do not apply.

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