Anger and aggression can be very scary for the teen and the parents.  It can begin as irritability, i.e. talking back, yelling, and appearing disobedient. These characteristics are often over looked as typical adolescent behavior, although these can increase if not addressed. Behaviors could be affecting their relationships at home or at school. They might feel out of control of their own behaviors. 

If this sounds like your teen, they could benefit from learning both ways to express their tough emotions in a healthy way and using the skills necessary to feel happy and empowered.


What is DBT and How Can It Help My Daughter?

Is DBT Group the Right Fit for My Teen?

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Meet sarah wiley

Hi! I’m Sarah, I specialize in working with teens, and their parents, struggling with depression, anxiety, and anger/aggression. I enjoy working with teens to find their voice and understanding how to identify their own emotions. In my work I focus on building healthy skills to be able to utilize and build self-esteem. 


Teen Girl DBT Skills Training Group
Ages 12-14 & 15+

Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) is an evidence-based therapeutic modality that has been proven effective in managing intense emotions, reducing self-harming behaviors, and improving communication and relationships.