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Sensitive and strong willed teenagers often looked like this: take things very personally, struggle to accept kind criticism, are perfectionist and hard on themselves, feel things intensely, will correct your parenting inconsistencies (which makes them seem disrespectful), are impossible to teach (so learning how to drive is always a power struggle) and want things their own way.

You just wish they could be less rigid in their ways and more open to letting go when things don't go their way. These teens are also prone to anxiety and depression because they feel life's tragedies so deeply. From a young age they care about humanity in a way that is deeply moving. And although it's beautiful, as a parent, figuring out how to help them manage it is difficult. You have always been concerned that they just feel too deeply.

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Meet kellie cathey, LSW

Sensitive, strong-willed teenagers are the future leaders of our world. They are determined, persistent, and the most resilient. They have a special place in the world. If they feel seen and supported by others, they are unstoppable. Although sensitive and strong willed teens are amazing in so many ways, it's often times hard for them to feel understood by others. Parents often struggle to connect with them as deeply as they need. As a result they may end up feeling anxious, perfectionist or just not good enough.

In my work with your sensitive, strong willed teen, I use my natural compassion to connect with them in a way that they feel deeply seen and understood by me. From this place, we create change together to help them manage their sensitivity in a way that turns it into their strength.

They will leave therapy feeling less overwhelmed, more grounded, more confident and more vibrant in the world.