Is your teen experiencing: Grades dropping? Feeling stressed and overwhelmed? Difficulty managing assignments, tests, and extracurricular activities? Struggling to stay organized and on top of expectations? Feeling the college pressure? Most teens would say that school presents a lot of stress, and that it can be really hard to manage it all. If this sounds like your teen, they might benefit from learning ways to both stay organized and manage stress, anxiety, and expectations to help them thrive academically.

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Meet jessica paist, lmft

Hi! I'm Jessica, the Owner and Clinical Director of The Center for Family Empowerment.

I specialize in supporting pre-teen and teen girls as they navigate the challenges of being a girl in today's world. I have extensive experience working with families, which has given me powerful skills to support change within family systems. I am trained in Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) and my work in a high-risk teen therapeutic program gave me extensive knowledge in supporting high-risk teens.



I am a therapist and licensed social worker. I specialize in working with children and teens that are struggling to feel confident in their own skin and have trouble fitting in with peers. I have a passion for working with children and teens that are socially isolated, shy, and have low self-esteem. Empowering them to shine as the amazing person they are is a central part of the work we will do together.



Hi! I’m Lindsay. I specialize in working with teens and adults struggling with stress management, anxiety, depression, and low self-esteem. In my work with clients, we explore negative thinking and how it impacts mood and behavior, learn healthy coping skills to help regulate and tolerate tough emotions, and build a strong sense of self that is empowered and capable of success. 



I understand what it’s like to feel utterly overwhelmed by the problems in your life, to feel like you might drown in the tide of someone else’s needs and expectations. I want to help you with that. Clients who have benefitted most from working with me often describe themselves as the peacekeepers, mediators, or “fix-it” people within their circles.

I am passionate about helping you learn to balance taking care of yourself with caring for your loved ones. I currently offer individual and group therapy for adults as well as individual therapy for teen girls. If you’re sick of being pulled in too many directions, feeling not good enough, and feeling guilty for wanting to take care of yourself, give me a call.


Managing School Stress Group
Ages 13-18

Does your teen struggle with managing stress related to school? Do they feel overwhelmed with trying to balance school, sports, activities, and a social life? Are they struggling to stay motivated and organized now that it's the 2nd half of the school year? If this sounds like your teen, our group could be a great fit.