Walking on Eggshells:
A Group for Weary Peacekeepers

Walking on Eggshells is a group for people who share these kinds of experiences:

  • I love my family, but I get sucked into their drama.

  • I want to feel confident, assertive, and independent, but I.....don’t.

  • I walk a tightrope to keep everyone happy, but no one does that for me.

  • I say yes to everything because saying no makes me feel too guilty.

  • I was raised in an emotionally abusive environment, and I feel really alone in that.

If these sound familiar, Walking on Eggshells may be the group for you!


Walking on Eggshells can help you:

  • Make decisions that work for you

  • Say no with love and without guilt

  • Feel more assertive and self-confident

  • Understand what triggers guilty feelings and choose new ways to respond

  • Feel less obligation and guilt


Come participate in a group where you can give and receive support, connect with others who can relate to your experiences, and finally find your people.

When: Thursday mornings from 10:00-11:30am. The group begins on May 9, 2019 and runs for six (6) weeks.

Where: The Center for Family Empowerment 602 Willow Street Jenkintown PA 19046

Investment: Group investment is $55 per session if you choose to pay weekly, or a discounted rate of $300 for the entire 6 weeks if you choose to pay up front.

Facilitated by: Licensed Professional Counselor Amy Marlow-MaCoy

This group is capped at 6 participants, so contact Amy today to schedule your group intake!