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Time To Talk Temper Tantrums!

Temper tantrums. Uggghhhhh.

One of the core causes of parental anxiety.  The supermarket meltdown in childhood. The anger war with teens who won't compromise.

Did you know that temper tantrums are normal and actually healthy (to a certain degree)?  Yes!  They are actually an inevitable part of your child's development.  Although they are inevitable, they are definitely not fun.  They test patience,  they cause stress, and sometimes even make us want to tantrum too.

One thing parents can do to make these difficult times more manageable is to have a set of tools to handle this inevitable part their child's development.  In this free workshop, we will work to destigmatize the tantrum and develop skills to help meet your child's temper with tenderness.

Who: Parents of children ages 3-17

What: A workshop designed to give parents a space to discuss temper tantrums.  We will lead the discussion with open processing about temper tantrums, leading into information about the temper tantrum and how it looks differently in childhood and adolescence.  We will close the workshop with tools to use when the time for temper strikes again.

When: Saturday September 16th 1:00pm-2:30pm

Why: We know that these moments are a challenge for parents.  At the Center for Family Empowerment, it is one of our goals to provide resources for parents to feel more at ease raising resilient and empowered children.  In this workshop, we will show you how to use the temper tantrum as an opportunity to strengthen the bond between you and your child instead of breaking it.

Cost: Free!

Facilitated by: Kellie Cathey, LSW

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