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Transitioning to Kindergarten Workshop

Making the transition to Kindergarten is SUCH a challenge for your child. They are OFFICIALLY a little big kid. That's some real responsibility. They're in a full day of school, taking the bus on their own, learning all day without a nap and doing it all without you. Your new kindergartener will likely be EXHAUSTED. They may start tantruming more, become withdrawn or whining because they're unsure how to tell you that being a big kid is a lot of work. As parents, if we're not super aware of what these behaviors mean, we may not know that our children need comfort during the tough time of transition.

Kellie Cathey, LSW is creating a workshop to help you help your new kindergartener through the transition.

Benefits of Transitioning to Kindergarten:

  • Learn about all ways your new kindergartener may discharge their exhaustion onto you (tantrums, whining, power struggles)

  • Discover ways to help comfort them through the struggle of the transition

  • Determine the different ways they need to be comforted

  • Learn about setting limits for behaviors that are a result of the transition

  • Recognize signs to seek more support if your child isn't transitioning well

  • Understand how to maintain balance within the family system when a big transition (like Kindergarten) is happening

Who: Parents of children transitioning to Kindergarten

What: A workshop designed to give parents a space to discuss the transition to Kindergarten. We want to give parents the space to get information about how to best handle the transition and connect with other parents who are experiencing a similar situation.

When: Sunday, October 21st at 2:00pm

Cost: $25 per couple

Are you interested? Register by contacting Kellie!