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Managing School Stress and Anxiety Workshop: Middle Schoolers


Students are well into their first month of school. Their course work may be picking up as well as their sports or activities schedule. Along with their busier schedule, their stress level may be building as well. Some stress can be a healthy emotion, signaling us to study for a test or practice for a speech in order to resolve the uncomfortable feeling. However, when stress builds, it can begin to have unhealthy affects on the body and the mind.

What should you look for in your teen to assess if they are struggling with unhealthy amounts of stress? 

Complaining of frequent stomach aches%2FheadachesFatigueLack of MotivationEasily overwhelmedPoor sleepUnable to focusWithdrawing sociallySadnessIrritableRacing thoughtsOutbursts of anger or emotionsPoor appetite or ove.png

At the Center for Family Empowerment, we work with many teens that report feeling stress or anxiety related to school. We created a workshop to target these negative symptoms because we know how important it is to learn healthy coping skills to manage tough emotions. In our Managing School Stress and Anxiety workshop, we will cover:

  • Mastering organization to keep track of assignments

  • Exploring healthy sleep, nutrition, and exercise habits and how they impact mood

  • Practicing coping skills to assist in managing the inevitable stress that will occur in school

  • Learning to recognize and change unhealthy thinking patterns

  • Utilizing art strategies to decrease anxiety and stress

Lindsay Butler, licensed therapist and certified school counselor, and Christina Marrero, art therapist, will facilitate these workshops.

Who: Middle school students

When: Saturday, November 3rd, 9:30 am – 12:30 pm

Where: The Center for Family Empowerment

Cost: $90 - Included in the cost is an agenda book and light refreshments

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