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Spring Break SKILLS Workshop!

Research says that:

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- 20% of teens ages 13-18 meet criteria for a mental health diagnosis
- Anxiety, depression, self esteem, and body image are among the top reported challenges for teens
- Peer conflict and bullying are one of the leading stressors for teens
- The average delay between the onset of symptoms and treatment is 8-10 years
- Rates for mental health concerns in teens continue to rise yearly

Does your teen:

- Often put him/herself down or struggle accepting a compliment?
- Talk about being unhappy with his/her body or physical traits?
- Have difficulty being assertive and standing up for him/herself with peers?
- Tend to put others' needs before his/her own?
- Have a tendency to get overwhelmed and struggle with managing stress?
- Feel overwhelmed with trying to balance school, sports, activities, and a social life?
- Struggle with being true to who he/she is and fit in with peers?
- Struggle handling fights with friends, often being left with lots of hurt feelings and unresolved frustrations?

If so.... our Spring Break Workshop might be a great support for your teen!
Details and registration below.

How will this workshop help your teen?
They will learn...

- Skills to build healthy self-esteem and ways to claim their strengths
- How to be both assertive AND kind - how to say "no" in a way that works
- What boundaries are, why they are important, and how to set them to best promote healthy relationships
- Strategies to increase organization
- Skills to recognize and challenge anxious and negative thoughts
- What conflict is and what it can look like
- Skills to navigate healthy conflict resolution
- Coping skills to decrease anxiety and stress

All in a safe and supportive environment that promotes healthy peer connection!


WHO: This workshop is perfect for teens who could benefit from building healthy self-esteem, setting boundaries to create healthy relationships, learning effective ways to manage stress and anxiety, learning the skills necessary to resolve conflict in a healthy and empowered way, and feeling connected to teens just like them
WHAT: A full-day workshop designed to give your teen a fun, informative, and skill-focused day over spring break!
WHERE: The Center for Family Empowerment 602 Willow Street Jenkintown PA 19046
WHEN: Thursday March 29th from 9am - 4pm
INVESTMENT: $175* (includes lunch and all materials)
*use the coupon code SPRINGBREAK to receive $15 off enrollment

9-9:30 - Getting to Know Each Other/Stretching
9:30 - 10:30 - I Am Me: A Self Esteem Building Workshop
10:30 - 11:30 - Building Assertiveness & Boundaries
11:30 - 11:45 - Break
11:45 - 12:45 - Managing School Stress & Anxiety
12:45 - 1:15 - Pizza Lunch*
1:15 - 2:15 - Managing Conflict and Building Connections
2:15 - 2:30 - Break
2:30 - 3:30 - Pick Up Group: A Character Creation Workshop (a pick up group (PUG) in online gaming is a group of random players who decide to join together to meet a common goal)
3:30 - 4:00 - Wrap Up/Guided Meditation

*please let us know if your teen has any allergies

I Am Me: A Self-Esteem Building Workshop
facilitated by Jessica Paist, LMFT

self esteem 2.jpeg

Teens overwhelmingly struggle with maintaining healthy self-esteem and owning their strengths. In fact, research tells us that self-esteem begins to plummet at age 9 and remains low through adolescence. Unfortunately, just when your teen's self-esteem is dropping is actually when they need a healthy sense of self the most - healthy self-esteem is a vital part of your teen being able to stand up for themselves, resist peer pressure, and know their worth. 

In this part of our workshop, your teen will learn:
- what self-esteem is
- how to challenge negative messages from society and the media
- ways to confidently claim their strengths and know their worth

Building Assertiveness & Boundaries
facilitated by Amy Marlow-MaCoy, LPC


Your teen has lots of amazing qualities - she's caring, compassionate, supportive, and always ready to help her friends. You love that about her, but sometimes you also wonder if there might be some unintended side effects to being such a good friend. Does your wonderful teen ever seem to get stepped on by her friends? Does she take care of everyone else first but forget to take care of herself? Is she so busy being a good friend to other people that she gets left behind?

Healthy relationships come from healthy boundaries. Learning to say no sometimes can be one of the most important lessons we learn in developing healthy relationships!

In this part of our workshop, your teen will learn:
-that it's okay to say "No" in relationships
-why it's so hard for us to say "no" sometimes, and why it can be the best word in our vocabulary
-how to say "YES" to supporting, loving, and taking care of herself
-10 different ways to say no without feeling like a bad friend

Managing School Stress and Anxiety
facilitated by Lindsay Butler, LPC & certified school counselor

school stress group pic.jpeg

School can definitely be a major source of stress and anxiety for teens. Learning to recognize unhealthy levels of stress and cope with negative symptoms can help to create emotional balance as well as increase success in school. Our Managing School Stress and Anxiety group will teach your teen how to cope with stress and anxiety related to school and help to organize their lives.

In this part of our workshop, your teen will learn:
- strategies to increase organization
- skills to recognize and challenge anxious and negative thoughts
- learn coping skills to decrease anxiety and stress

Managing Conflict & Building Connections
facilitated by Kellie Cathey, LSW


With all the 'drama' in teenage relationships, you might be realizing that your son or daughter is an aspiring actor or actress, right?  You know, definitely the next Emma Stone or Chris Hemsworth ;)

But in reality, conflict is a huge thing to navigate for teens.  It actually may be one of the most difficult areas they are confronted with in their growing years. 

And it's not easy.  

In fact, stress around conflict is often something we carry into adulthood when we continue to resolve conflict in a way that ends in arguments or hurt feelings.

Luckily, at our Spring Break Workshop, our Play Therapist Kellie Cathey, LSW is doing a workshop on... conflict resolution!

In this part of our workshop, your teen will:
- Get a better understanding of what conflict is and what it can look like
- Learn skills to navigate healthy conflict resolution
- Use these skills in session to practice conflict resolution
- Role play current conflicts in their lives and get live feedback from Kellie (so they can ACTUALLY channel their inner actor/actress)


- Have tons of fun talking about a topic that maybe isn't so fun to talk about

Pick Up Group: A Character Creation Workshop
facilitated by Christina Marrero, LPC & Registered Art Therapist

Art Crayons.jpeg

This workshop focuses on the art of character creation as an expression of who your teen is! In this group, teens will have the opportunity to design their own character (think video games, comics, anime, etc.) with guidance from Christina. They can also take this opportunity to further develop a previously created character. Then in a group setting, your teens will explore their character’s strengths, how they interact with the other characters that have been created, and confront a mini-obstacle together. We’ll maintain an atmosphere of fun, connection, and creativity for everyone who comes!

In this part of our workshop, your teen will:
- get a chance to explore working cooperatively with new people in a fun way
- be encouraged to practice problem solving and the possibility to re-imagine perceived weaknesses as strengths

*Anyone can complete this workshop even without previous artistic experience. Your teens will use their imagination to explore infinite possibilities and discover superpowers they never knew they had!

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