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Your strong-willed, sensitive child may inherently just 'struggle' more than other children.  Loud noises may always startle them. They will always feel life deeply.  They truly will never just 'toughen up'.

When they learn to manage their emotions and take care of themselves deeply, they will discover...  sensitivity is their greatest strength.”

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Meet Kellie Cathey, LSW

Sensitive, strong-willed children are the future leaders of our world. They are determined, persistent, and the most resilient.  But sometimes, they're impossible to parent. THE BIGGEST trigger for your sensitive, strong-willed little one?  Being told what to do.  The second biggest trigger?  Feeling disconnected from you.  So as a parent, where are you left?  Letting them run the house?  In an endless power struggle?  Forcing them to listen to you?

It doesn't have to be this way. In my work with your sensitive, strong-willed child, I help them manage and cope with being told what to do.  Through play therapy, I help them understand and manage their emotional outbursts when listening to authority.  In our work together as a family, I help you as parents discover different ways to help your strong-willed, sensitive child feel a sense of empowerment and mastery so they don't feel so helpless when being told what to do. 

At the end of our work together, you will feel more deeply connected both with your child and as a family, which naturally helps your sensitive, strong-willed child regulate and communicate with you.


Strong Kids Group
Ages 5-6

This group provides a space for kids to build confidence, deal with big emotions, and learn social skills to help them connect.